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Intermediate Technology Literacy - Working in the Cloud
Cost - $250 per month for 5 months
Day & Time - Saturday 11:00AM - 1:00 PM

Mr Charles is an amazing teacher, his notes are very clear and his teaching style is so unique and efficient. He helped me understand Info-Tech much better and the weekly tests, although a bit trying at times, are effective and make his lessons even better.

Sade Hinkson CSEC IT, 2021

So glad I stumbled upon makeitsimplett. The interactive classes and weekly assignments made it easier to understand everything been taught and sir’s personality also made learning in an online space fun. The memes lol!! Would highly recommend.

Ngozi Permaul CSEC IT, 2021

This was basically the first time doing INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, someone he taught introduced me to his lessons and I said I’ll give it a try as having I.T would be great, due to the world of technology. Not once for his class I felt discourage, his work is concise and detailed, don’t talk about when is revision time he makes I.T SO FUN with the (KAHOOT GAMES) you hear the name MAKEITSIMPLETT BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT’S FACTS… give it a try and you will be one of me 🙌🏽🙏🏼

Rebekah Phillip CSEC IT, 2021

I was doing IT from another teacher before and she said she was the best in Trinidad and Tobago. The 2 times I wrote exams with her I got a 4. One day while on YouTube I saw Mr.Charles videos and I was like ” his videos looks good” I then contacted him and join his class in June 2020. Wrote exam I. July 2021 and ” BOOM” just like that I got a 2. I’m so happy that I found Mr. Charles. Best teacher ever and his class is never boring and I never missed a class of his. His memes are the best too😆. Thank you Mr.Charles for everything. When my son gets a little older I’ll be joining him to your class to do IT. Keep up the great job your doing. Best IT teacher ever.

Anisah Ali CSEC IT, 2021

Mr. Charles is super thorough and his classes were never boring, always a meme popping up. Without him I honestly wouldn’t have passed CSEC IT.

Madison Alexander CSEC IT, 2021

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